Table of Contents

1. Overview

2. Registration

3. Creating Your First Template

4. How to Make Edits in the Template

5. Generate Your First Image Variation

6. How to track consumed credits

7. Next Steps

1. Overview

On this page, you will learn how to create an account in DynaPictures, create your first image template and generate its image variations. No technical skills required in this tutorial. Have a look at how we built a twitter demo if you are interested in REST API integration.

2. Registration

You need to create an account, in order to access DynaPictures. Click on "Sign Up" link in the header or "Try for Free" button on the landing page. You will be taken to the registration page where you can use your email or social media account to register. Upon completing the registration you will receive an email with a link to confirm your email address.

3. Creating Your First Template

The concept of image templates is a fundamental part of DynaPictures. At the first glance it appears to be a regular image, a visual that could be also created in Canva-like tools. However we call it image template, because each layer in this image is programmable and can be dynamically changed later, when generating image variations based on this template. This not only enables time savings on repetitive design work, but also creates new possibilities for services and products in design automation space.

Once registered, you will be taken to "Image Templates" page. You can always open this page by clicking on "Image Templates" on the left. 

You can create a template by clicking on the preview image in the "Use a Library Template" section, or by clicking on "New Image Template" button.