Image Generation for Consumer-Generated Marketing

Take advantage of consumer-generated content - embed an image generator into your website, product, or app.
Community activation and consumer-generated marketing

Advantages of Using Dynamic Image Generation for Consumer-Generated Marketing

Activate your community and engage your audience by allowing customers to generate banners and create content from your branded templates in seconds.

Launching Consumer-Generated Campaign Has Never Been That Easy

Auto banner maker with social media ads templates

Image Generation platform from DynaPictures can be easily integrated into virtually any product or website using API, snippets, or No-Code tools like Zapier.

Your users can create content by using branded templates in the image generator. It will take them a few clicks.

Expand Your Organic Reach with Community-Based Marketing

Dynamic image generation using URL params

Empower your clients to generate their own banners and spread the word about your business. Activate or build a community. Encourage your customers to become brand ambassadors.

Gain More Control Over User-Generated Content

Generate images in bulk

Use branded templates and images to ensure that content created by users for your marketing campaign is aligned with your company’s brand identity.

Use an unlimited number of templates and logo variations to avoid limiting your users’ creativity.

How Can Image Generator Boost Consumer-Generated Marketing?

Get inspiration below and stand out from the crowd. Community activation will be your secret marketing strategy.

Promote an event or webinar

Auto banner maker with social media ads templates

Use an image generator with a banner preset “I’m going to the {{event_name}}!”, and add the {{date}} and {{location}}.

When your visitors register or purchase tickets, they can quickly use a preset banner to share on their social media after purchasing the tickets and let followers know that they are attending an event and there is a possibility to connect offline or to receive a discount.

Launch "Share and Win" Campaign

Dynamic image generation using URL params
Encourage users to showcase how they use your product or service and give them a chance to win exciting discounts and prizes. Increase engagement and reward your users for being a part of the community.

Run a Contest or Giveaway

Generate images in bulk

Empower your contests or giveaways with high-quality user-generated visuals that can be promoted on social media.

Create a template for your users and customers to enable them to generate their own content that matches your brand identity.

Launch Refer-a-friend campaign for your online store

Generate images in bulk

Create a banner template with a unique referral code for each of your customers.

Prompt them to share it on their social media to receive a discount or referral bonus.

Image Generation Widget - Live Demo

Before offering image generation to your users, see for yourself how easy it is. Here is the image creator widget that you can embed into your product. Additionally, you will need to provide an explanation of your campaign and guide your users on the next steps to take with the generated image.

FAQ on Image Generation for Consumer-Generated Marketing

What is the image generator by DynaPictures?
Image generator by DynaPicturs is a powerful and flexible image generation platform that helps marketers and brand managers to generate images and launch consumer-generated marketing campaigns.
Is DynaPictures image generator free?
Yes, you can use the DynaPictures image generator for free. Whenever you are ready for a more advanced experience with image generation, take a look at our paid plans.
What is consumer-generated marketing?
Consumer-generated marketing is a set of marketing activities that involve content (such as visuals or media) that is created by your customers and used for promotion, raising awareness, attracting new prospects, and many other purposes that benefit your brand.
How can I use image generation for consumer marketing?
There are several popular examples of using image generation for consumer-generated marketing such as creating banners for visitors of events and webinars, refer-a-firend campaigns on social media using unique promocodes, contest and giveaways that match your brand identity.
How to embed an image generator into a website or product?
You can embed image generator into your website or product using API, snippet code, or No-Code tools like Zapier.Image generator by DynaPictures is compatible with virtually any system, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. No coding experience is required to embed the photo editor into the website.

Banner Generator That’s Easy to Integrate

1. Select a Design
Select one of the many design templates available or create your own one.
2. Get Widget’s Code
Copy widget's code snippet of the selected design template.
3. Insert Your Code
Add widget's code to your website or application where you would like to display your DynaPictures widget.