Alexander Vushkan
Managing Director
Friederike Marx-Kohlstädt
Head of Marketing and PR
Peter Ziras
Advisor, Partnerships & Sales
Max Prokopov
DevOps Architect
Olga Malykhina
Head of Product Development
Misha Konoval
UI/UX Graphic Designer
Max Shash
Head of Growth
Olesia Sekeresh
Senior Designer

The Vision

Imagine a world where you can sleep peacefully at night, knowing that your data is secure. A world where images can be automated and personalized as effortlessly as ordering and assembling cars today. A world where no one wastes time manually adjusting graphics anymore. A society where image automation is so prevalent that increased conversion rates bring users a sense of contentment.

Our vision, in which we firmly believe, has been motivating us day after day since the foundation of DynaPictures in 2020. This time of the pandemic gave us the possibility to reflect what truly matters and where our focus should lie. DynaPictures was born as an inspiring spin-off, serving as the solution to our quest for an automation to make our work more efficient.

The Mission

We operate by the principle of "The sky is your limit". We make image generation easy, fast, secure, and accessible to everyone. So you can express and share your ideas and messages in a better visual way.

Millions of images have been generated by DynaPictures since the release. Months of valuable working time have been saved for our customers, enabling them to boost their sales. They can rest assured that their data is stored on German servers in Frankfurt, which are highly connected to the internet.

Right from the beginning, data privacy according to GDPR has been one of our core values.

The Team

Seven hearts that beat for image generation. Seven individuals so driven that DynaPictures gains new features every week. Located in the triangle region of Germany, Switzerland, and France we serve clients from 20 countries around the globe.

To foster innovation, we cultivate an open atmosphere with a flat hierarchy. We value each other and are passionately dedicated to our cause. When we look out of our office window, we see the peaks of the Black Forest. Occasionally, we hike or climb up there and feel the boundless possibilities: "The sky is our limit".